Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Official: Gryphon craft completed. Lauch party date confirmed.

ASDB's new flagship craft is now officially completed and ready for action we are happy to report.

ASDB assist chief Eric Silvercloud confirmed "On June 4th at 12 pm (noon) PDT We are going to have a Air Show with Gryphon, then afterwards we are going to have a Cool party at the 5 Pip, So come on down to see the New Gryphon in Action!"

Put that date in your diary and see one of the coolest ships in Secondlife make its maiden flight.

June 4th 2011
12 pm (noon) PDT


  1. It's Me! :-) . . . Loving the Gryphon. The Picture is actually me test flying this ship for the first time. Some neat features if you ask me! Will be good to see it going public. Good Work!

  2. Hear there's a special gift for those who attend for tomorrows launch. hope we have a good turn out. fun for everyone.