Monday, 30 May 2011

GFC connecting people

The normal convention in second life as a whole and certainly being a member of the GFC is that we wont generally know what happens in the sim until we log in. But there are other ways of being informed without sitting in front of a pc and loading up the viewer. An effective systems would require people to take part and also look to develop or utilise existing technologies.
Update tweet straight to phone.
The most basic system in SL is to sent an IM message which is then sent to your e-mail address if your not inworld. This system works well but does have the issue the person has to be contacted directly.
What about passing general request or news that people can read without the need to be near a viewer. One of the reasons for developing this blog was to look at ways to advertise GFC on the web and not only in world and being updated with events that are happening. So mainly the aim was to create a offworld place where people can get up to date information about things going in GFC.
By using something like #galaxyfleetcommand in a twitter message, it groups these tweets together and by following that hash tag twitter users could receive regular message sent to that group and it could be a way of reminding people of coming events and requests to for those who aren’t in world, Tweets can also be used on your mobile so you could be informed whenever your not inworld.
The same could be said of devices that are scripted to e-mail users directly and as most smartphones use push email systems meaning you’ll
be notified very quickly when something happens, if not from your PC.

Blog feed running on phone.
This means people should be able to inform themselfs about what is going on in GFC but to participate in social life of GFC they are needed to be in the sims. If people get informed off-world what is going on then it may encourage them to come online at a time for an event they've forgotten about. The technology is here for use to keep in contact as a group in an effective way, we just need to apply it, understand it, know whats possible and have the desire to use it.
The hash tag #galaxyfleetcommand is already useable, just requires more people to use it. Something like this can be access from a pc or users phones.
Sending message to the world
A new website is already being looked into, but the important thing is that we can’t have a single webmaster but a web team that would manage it, when some one leaves others can continue it with others members contributing.

A forum can simply be part of the website and is another place for members to stay in contact in a closed area. Reports about Events and RP should be openly available for people who are interested, academy class times, weekly announcements, sim rules, division information should all be easily accessible.

Much of what we do in the GFC is admin and role-playing, not just building or scripting but organisation, filing and writing.

The future of communication is connectivity and the more we are connected the stronger our group would be. That way we can support our fellow members and organize the time we spend in the group more efficiently.

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