Monday, 30 May 2011

Night time in the GFC

Beauty of Aeon at night.

Standing alone in the sandbox with nothing to do, I looked around and thought wow what a beautiful place a night. The stars twinkling in the sky, the moons reflection on the water makes it all relaxing and romantic.

I decided to go on a night stroll to see the other beautiful places around the GFC.The water fountain outside the operations complex looked silver and was flowing in the moonlight and I did think about taking off my shoes and paddling to keep my hot tired feet a place to cool.

I sat on the side instead to dip my hand into the water and watched the reflection of the moon and myself dancing in the simmering light.

I then decided the night was getting long and no one was around so it was time for me to go home to see if there was a nice chilled glass of wine waiting for me.

Fountain Simmering in the moonlight.

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