Sunday, 29 May 2011

Football in the sandbox

Sandbox turned into a makeshift football pitch.

With all the hype surrounding Manchester Utd Vs Barcelona champions league match last night in which Barcelona won 3 – 1, the football bug had suddenly swept across the sandbox especially since Commodore JD matova was waiting for his compatriots in Germany who were playing Uruguay in an international game. Someone decided to rezzed a football and we thought we'd have our own match with me being the dizzy one struggling to even kick the ball. I decide to give up on that bad note to write this blog instead, which would be less embarrassing.

JD scored goal after goal and Jimmy1963 gave up after a while with a suspected injury, he flew to the Paris medical centre for assistants.

Jeanmarie Anton was on top form and scoring well and so was Kaori who is not just an ace pilot but good on the pitch as well, theres no telling what other talents she may process. I cant even tell you who won the game but felt JD could have been the on the winning team as he scored the most goals (editor: that's usually how you decide the winner of a match).

Plenty of space to score there.

And I still failed to score.

Debbydo reporting on the
 crazy anticts that goes on in the sandbox.

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