Monday, 26 September 2011

Did you know... Constellation sim

Here were are again folks, the third Blog article in a series of four, covering the entire GFC estate. Today, Constellation. This time, it was a bit more difficult to find things that were off, wrong, funny or strange... because the sim had just had a complete overhaul. Nevertheless, I did manage to find a couple of things. For instance, did you know...

... that you can actually climb up the stairs to the turbolift in the middle of the sim, which goes to the GFC Conference Room?

stairs to the turbolift

... that the Duty Officers and GFC Security don't agree upon the alert status of the sim?

Black or green alert?

 ... that besides the lawn, there's other things in the rezzer that can be put in the middle of the sim? (Like this, which is apparently a swimming pool for Micro's!)

Swimming pool for Micros!

... that there's a non-functioning holodeck in the sky? (at least, I couldn't get it to work...)

"Computer, I asked for a relaxing beach, not a transporter!"

... that underneath the ground there's lots and lots and lots and lots of walkways, which nature is trying to retake!

Bolders find their way through the ground!

... that it's difficult to party in a club which first has to be rezzed?

"Of course we don't *need* a club to party, but it would be helpful..."

... that there's leftover firework jars spread out across the sim?

What if one of those went off when someone picked them up? Medical, stand by for burns!

 ... that the stargate rises up from the ground?

An ingenious system!

... that on board the Voyager set, the doors in Engineering *and* the jeffries tube doors open the wrong way?

A less than ingenious system...

... that some of the items being sold at the mall are... uhm... well, let's just say I can't really see this becoming the standard uniform for women in GFC...

Not that I mind if the women here wore that... hehehe...

... that GFC has freebies to give out? A nice clock, or galaxy PJ's! And set of GFC sports clothing, but that hasn't been set as 'for sale' or 'free to copy' yet.

Clock, sportswear, Galaxy PJ's

Well, there was more, but this is enough for now. Hope you enjoyed it... next time we'll have the last part of this series of articles, and we'll look at Sovereign then! Enjoy!

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  1. Damn, I didn't know any of these thing (apart from the club rezzer), I must be walking around blind...oh wait, I TP everywhere, that might explain it :)