Saturday, 24 September 2011

Away Team Project Interview

 Building Team -  Katie Zwilling, Seven of Nine (zannadu Resident), Rokks Resident 
This week a set was ordered for the Ajax RP and as usual the Away Team were able to deliver it with plenty of time to spare. I caught up with the building team of Seven of Nine (zannadu Resident), Rokks Resident and Katie Zwilling and asked them how they felt about the project and working as a team to create original and requested GFC builds.

What were your thoughts when you first heard about the "Away Team Project"

SEVEN: "I thought it was a good idea, and gave us something to focus on, and a chance to give back something
            that the galaxyfleet command would enjoy."

ROKKS: "I found the idea very cool,and wanted too be part of it".

KATIE: "I would like to, know more and get involved".

How easy was it to work with a team you've never met before

KATIE: "Too easy, I mean, when we started working, it was like we had already met before and when we
              started working, we quickly understood each other and made are first awesome rp set together".

SEVEN: "I must admit it was fun and exiting, sharing input and coming up with sets that had a little of all of us
                in its makeup. We have discovered a few technical issues working jointly on buiilds, but have      
                managed to over come them with reasonable ease."

ROKKS: "It was strange at first but we all got along ".

What do you think you bring to the team.

ROKKS: "My Building skills".

KATE: "Ideas...".

SEVEN: "I think i bring a sexy wiggle smiles, no seriously I have some good ideas and am able to listen
                interact and keep team motivated ".

Is there an advantage building away from the GFC estate?

SEVEN: "Being away building has some real benefits we get to work in peace away from gathers and also in
                secret so the sets are only seen by the lead roleplayer once thay are finished and are a total surprise
                to the roleplayers on the first adventure onto the sets".

ROKKS: "Yes, there are less interruptions".

KATIE:  "You mean away from peering eyes ? yes...".

What's it like working in  on  Away Team Set Project.

SEVEN: "It's Like a secret mission we are let lose with creativity and do build to order we don't need much
                breath and are able to make a start on sets relatively quickly".

KATIE: "It's throwing ideas around , playing with objects and having a great time".

ROKKS: "Great fun and for me it has been an educational experience, I have learnt alot by working on the

So far what's your favorite piece on any set.

ROKKS: "The whole borg set is my favourite at the moment because it has so many ideas and it was the first

SEVEN: "Being seven of nine I love the borg set there are many parts I really enjoy on it form the traps that
               fall from above to the fire and volcanic mess to the fleeing borg cubes".

KATIE: "The moon on andoria and the fluid generator and the fire and broken pieces and the borg's main

What type of sets would you like to see made in the future.

KATIE: "Starship sets, Station sets, more planet sets".

SEVEN: "I would like a military  set based on area 51 underground rooms with ufos alians advanced space
               tech stuff maybe androids ect".

Note: Since this interview the Area 51 set has been created.

Anything else you would like to add.

SEVEN: "we are willing to help others with projects in order to get the work done, so the end user, the
               roleplayer, has the enjoyment.".

ROKKS: "I'm very happy to be part of the team"


  1. There used to be an underground 'Area 51' rp set in the past, built by Totalus Karas, DarkAlpha Bourne, Fenriss Barbosa, Kizna Oh, and me

    Sadly most of it was lost, and the only parts I still have are really crappy, my building skills improved a lot since those days :p

    I wish I had any screenshots from it, I have one where just a few plywood prims have been rezzed.

    http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f141/DarthBunny/temporary/Snapshot_318.jpg Or even less than that, the cage with scorpion seems to be the focus of this image, not the rp set's plywood model on the right :P

    The facility sat at the bottom of Constellation for a long time though, forgotten, only used twice for an rp I think, though, building stuff with friends is often enough fun already.

  2. That's the experience the team have, the building for them is fun and also watching how players use the sets.

    I believe that sets can be the extra player in an RP and are really under used especially as much of Star Trek was spend on away missions.

    So lets beam them away every other week :)

  3. @darth
    i miss that place... and i always wished the buttons worked :(