Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Footie in the sandbox

JD scores one of many goals and snapper points out the errors of the SL physics system and a list of other excuse.

With the football season well on the way ("Soccer" to the Americans...shakes head) members of the GFC decided to try their hand at kicking a pigs bladder around the sandbox....well it started out that way.

First Seven of Nine (Zannadu Resident) rezzed a ball as she was showing one of our newer members Hydregion Resident about making objects physical. Before you knew it I had changing into my Arsenal football kit and JD had rezzed a kickable football with goal posts and nets.

Then Seven started creating a stand for the watching crowd to sit down at. Hydregion employed her new building skills and began creating lines for a football pitch.

Hydregion wonders how she ended up sitting next to the police and Seven has words with Snapper.
As the ball was kickable JD and myself had a bit of a football match....Lets just say I lost count of the score but not enough to know JD won. Of cause I will protest that the ball physics were wrong, the aiming was wrong, the lindens conspired in making me lose and the world was spinning in the wrong direction at the time which help put  me off my aim.

Though we didn't have a  referee, the law was represented by Jim Foxley as he wore a 1950 style British policemans uniform with truncheon or battering stick as the criminals like to call it.

You've noticed we have goal posts in the background just to remind you this is still about football :)

Partybabeliz Resident decided the pitch could be a catwalk and paraded her teams man city shirt with matching jean shorts, provided you could ignore the team she supported it made an interesting combination, juxtaposing sport with casual wear....or in english a football top with shorts smaller than a belt...but hey I'm an admirer of fashion and football in equal measures <Grin>

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