Monday, 15 August 2011

What is GalaxyFleetCommand?

What is GalaxyFleetCommand?
For Cobramax Mechanique and Katrina Bixby.

SLQ used to be it's name,
just a standard computer Game,
But now it is so much more,
Which you are all responsible for.

There are so many members,
Some of which no one remembers,
So much time has passed,
but we are here at long last.

Some people do not like it,
This I will permit,
Due to fighting,
It's getting overexciting.

We need to stay civil,
Not send some drivel,
Stop being mean,
Like a young Teen.

We do have good times,
Thinking of rhymes,
Please reflect,
we're awesome with all due respect.

The Blog for example,
It's a representative sample,
A show of our success,
Difficult nevertheless.

We have achieved so much,
So get in touch,
Lets all be friends,
Stop the bickering that never ends,
But I must say "Toodleoo"
With respect to,
Admr Mechanique and Fadm Bixby,
For their work in GFC!

Jimmy Vehrous!

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