Monday, 15 August 2011

Strange things happen while I am at work

Sitting in my office today (15/08/2011) I was hard working and suddenly out of the corner of my eyes a saw a stunning lady in wearing sexy underwear using my shower.

I looked up shocked and all I could do was say "Erm hello can I help you", she replied "Yes ma'am I would like to join your group", so I took her to personnel to sign in.

Going back to my office I was wondering how she got there, was it Jimmy on a night out bringing strange women back in his office and saying they could use my shower. *winks at Jimmy* or another member of the group that knows there's a shower in my office.

Also while on duty in the library I noticed something else,  there floating around the library was a car all on it own I couldn't believe my eyes.

perhaps someone is telling me I work too hard and need  some  LOA to a nice sunny place like Risa.

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