Monday, 15 August 2011

Any excuse to party

If you stand in Constellation and stare in the sky you may just see a speck and may wonder what that speck could be. Well there are many things floating around in space in the GFC. But on this day the speck was the 501 club rezzed into life for and impromptu party.

 Angelis Bourne, ZhaanP'auZoolu (lillian.aries), Tails Cluny, Thomas Aker, Dustin Sunflower, Talax, Ace1192, Debbydo and me snapper Desade all danced the night away at some point.

We would like to also thank Damien Avedon for diligently keeping a fox like eye on the sandbox below at ground level as the party ensued 501 meters above.

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