Monday, 15 August 2011

Naughty Naughty

In that mythical place called the Real World, you know, its that place which suppose to exist when you turn your head away from the screen. Anyway, in that pretend reality there has been reports of a disturbance in the force...erm...wrong, show. There been reports of rioting, looting and returning the stuff which had been looted because they were just rubbish, even for free.

But here at the GFC you will find no such things, though there has been reports of strange behavior from member veering on the side of naughty.

Of course such acts will be punishable by making perpetrators stand in the sandbox and welcome anybody who arrives with a smile, a hand shake and walking then to the place they are expected to drop their prim, though not before raking the sand for them to create a nice flat surface so they can drop that flexi dress box the visitor acquired at the free item store.

Examples of disruptive behaviour have been found, noted and fell so far into someones inventory a linden couldn't find it.

There we were having a nice conversation in the MRU and while our backs were turned a malicious act of vandalism was being committed on the carpet behind us...It took  a new recruit ages to scrub it off. Though some did question the fact we told him it was part of the academy class to do it.

Of course there is no messing when it comes to inspection. Lt. Commander Sodak Xeltat double checks the rules book to see if red socks were part of the AAC uniform and if Dustin's claim that not only were the socks high-visibility but  were also "Damn warm as well". After carefully perusing the rules Mr Xeltat concluded that there was no entry which allowed for the blinding of fellow pilots and asked Dustin to wear something kinder to peoples retina's.


"Ok lets just establish a few ground rules here...Because it moved doesn't make it a target, because it ran screaming "help!!!" doesn't make it a target, because they begged you no to shoot at them definitely doesn't make them a target. And I have never heard of the quote "I think there for I shoot first ask questions later". Its a flawed argument if they're dead!!!".

Disclaimer: The above article was for fun...Anyone who believes otherwise should smile more, get outside and breathe fresh air, look up irony, humour, sarcasm in the dictionary and see if they can buy a life on Ebay.

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