Sunday, 14 August 2011

What do you do when a graduate misses the graduation party?

Yesterday saw the graduation of a number of GFC's finest recruits from the Academy. It was also the first formal ceremony held by my successor, Lt. ZhaanP'auZoolu, as Commandant since her official appointment.

Lt. ZhaanP'auZoolu, Commandant - GFC Academy

We had the customary party afterwards at the Fifth Pip, but unfortunately not all the graduates were able to make the ceremony due to timezone issues. Especially our two former borg ... Six and Seven who are from the land of Oz. So what do we do? ....... we celebrate again of course!

I logged in world today to be transported to Risa where a small number of us joined Six and Seven on the beach for a cheeky little drink and celebration. Congrats on the graduation girls and good luck with the postings in the fleet.

C2C Seven .... taking in the Risan surroundings

A little piece of heaven and a break from duty .... Welcome to Risa!

Needless to say congratulations all who graduated the Academy yesterday. You make us proud!