Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Return of the Dave.

Dave Fearguis Returns to GFC!


I am not really the person to be complaining about people being away from GFC. On an old avatar I left GFC for almost a year, twice! However, I did notice a massive difference, did I get a huge reception when I returned? Nope!

Dave Fearguis was the old Academy Commandand until he had to leave SecondLife due to RealLife reasons. However he has returned, and GFC seems a lot more friendly with him around.

Dave, Jimmy, Debbydo and Demeter

Of course, we couldn't resist getting into old habits and sitting on the top of this Prim! Ahh it's good to have you back!

Welcome Back Dave Fearguis!!!

Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News.


  1. Dave's back, bang goes the neighborhood.

  2. Awww thanks you guys, you say the sweetest things :P