Friday, 5 August 2011

U.S.S Paris - The Strategic Operations / AAC Roleplay!

U.S.S Paris - Captain Sholokhov

Another Day, Another Post, Another Captain, Another RolePlay!

Yesterday I took part in the Strategic Operations / Academy Air Corps RolePlay that took place on the U.S.S Paris at 6pm SLT (Thursday). I can tell you it was a Blast!

(Left To Right)

Lieutenant (JG) Gokyu Ugajin - Helmsman
Ensign Seven of Nine - Tactical
Captain Malcolm Sholokhov - Captain
Ensign Jimmy Vehrous - Engineering
Crewman 2nd Class Dustin Sunflower - Communication
Ensign Phedre Aionfall - Space ATC

Of course, I couldn't resist being the grumpy enineering officer who actually didn't care about the lives of the other crewmembers. Though I am not usually so cruel I did rather enjoy it so, I may be making some personality adjustments in the future!

We were sent on a mission to find and recover a lost Science Vessel, the U.S.S Castor. However en route we found Hyper-anomalies scattered around space that would cause horrific damage if we ventured too close. Luckily the Paris was small enough to fly in and out of these disturbances and make it to the Science Vessel unharmed.

Of Course, me being the grumpy Engineering Officer was shouting the whole way there and couldn't believe that we were about to risk our lives for other people! Then, the worst happened - an unidentified ship was travelling towards us!

Our Tactical officer shot what should have been a warning shot at the incoming vessel which was in fact a shot that damaged they're ship severely!

Captain Malcolm Sholokhov has a decision to make.
Do we:
Rescue the crew from the Science Ship? (Original Mission)
Split up and Rescue crews from both damaged ships?

Gokyu, Scared for his life!

Catch up with the Crew of the U.S.S Paris next week, same time same place to see what Captain Sholokhoc decides to do!
IF you forgot)

Thursdays 6pm SLT
Meet on U.S.S Paris - Sovereign

Hope to see you guys there!

Jimmy Vehrous for GFC News

For more pictures : CLICK HERE


  1. Must see if I can get to the next one if I can sellotape my eyelids