Friday, 5 August 2011

Debbydo gets revenge

As some of you are aware and  some not I use my mobile phone while at work to keep up on whats going on in the GFC. Using my mobile leaves me with no control over my avatar so all I can do is stand there and I cant see whats going on around me only listen and speak.

 Being in this mode leaves me to be a target of practical jokes from friends and other members who like to join in. Well just to let you all beware I do get my revenge and here is some of the evidence of what I can do.
I have a hit list that is getting longer everyday so people be aware Debbydo is there ..... "evil laughs"

Captain Desade crying for help!

Ensign Vehrous having a face change!
Dont forget my list is getting longer "evil laughs again"

Seriously people have fun and keep it safe Debbdydo out !

Top Practical jokes against poor Debbydo 1,2,3,4,5


  1. Definite improvement on Ensign Vehrous

  2. Definite improvement on Captain Desade


  3. Way to Go Deb! :)