Sunday, 21 August 2011

Research Project Upcoming.


The Borg have been Charged!

This here is what in the future, recruits will hopefully use as a reference point. It plays through a Recruits journey from entering GFC to graduating and beyond.

Division:  RESEARCH!
Lead: snapper Desade
Project: Recruit Starter Pack
Project Lead: Six of Nine (Also assisting is Seven of Nine)

This is a new way for Recruits to become familiar with the GFC Sims and will hopefully become a new reference point for all GFC members. It holds information for recruits with a simple click script that will give you a pack. Included will be information for recruits as well as a handy Landmark notecard.

The Landmark notecard holds all Landmarks for the GFC, each building, each Sim - of course a helpful resource if you don't get on very well with the Research TP HUD - which will be available to you all.

I thought that I would write this to give you the heads up on this project and to keep an eye out for the finished result. This could change the way in which recruits spend their first few weeks in GFC.

Jimmy Vehrous
Loyal Research Member.

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  1. The project goes even further than that, also that was a early mockup....There's a lot more there than meets the eye :P