Sunday, 21 August 2011


There has been quite some stress lately in GFC. People getting angry at others... it's clear that we need to blow off some steam. Relax a little. Enjoy life.

There is *no* better way to do that, than... fishing! So I took it upon myself to find me a pond in Galaxy sim, sit down... get myself an up-to-date rod (It has been years since I last went fishing!) and before I knew it, I was throwing out a line!

Sad thing is though... I'm not all that good. Spent lots of bait on one goldfish and one sea urgin. But practice makes perfect, right? So, I would like to invite everyone to join me! Who knows, I might learn from you guys...


  1. your just a lazy giy and I love you for it smiles

  2. Hehehe... thanks Debs! :D
    Oh, and update... I have caught Shark swimshorts! Woohoo! I'd better not upload a picture of me wearing that though! :P

  3. -_- Fishing, are you joking?

    Most boring thing on this planet!!

  4. lol
    no security here so load what you like giggles