Monday, 22 August 2011

70's Band Auditions or Party.....................

Greetings all

G-Man here

Once again it was a lazy summer Sunday evening here in GFC. Not much going on. So I dropped by the Sand Box hoping to find something to do. And as always it didn't take long for something to happen. First our new Academy Commandant showed up wearing our old AAC Uniform.

Lillian "Z" Ares  
This got me reminiscent of the old days when we wore that uniform. So I of course put mine on. And they next thing I knew it looked like an audition for an old 70's band!

More people starting showing up until it was PARTY TIME!

Snapper, K, Starr, Lillian & friend Craig, G-Man, and Deb

LOOK Snapper is out of his Lab Coat!!

Not only did we turn a boring Sunday evening into an awesome party, but we even made a new friend. A purple alien lady by the name of Sclera dropped by and joined our little party. She said she had a wonderful time and would be back for more. Welcome to GFC Sclera.
Partying and making new friends, two things GFC does extremely well!

Until next time



  1. Just glad y'all did not use the bad one that was pink instead of red....lol

  2. must have been before my time. I don't remember that one