Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Holodeck Mishap

I have a confession to make ..... a serious and grave confession ..... I have killed our beloved Ensign Debbydo :(

I noticed Debs was int he area so activated the transporter to meet her. And lo and behold, where was she? In the holodeck high in the sky of Aeon. This is no problem you say, she was probably enjoying some R&R .... nope she hadn't even activated a holo-program. So what does one do? .... Well I thought it would be a lovely gesture to activate a nice relaxing program I know. "Computer activate program ...." then shock, horror! The holo-matrix did not make it to Debs and she went hurtling through the sky to the ground by the GFCA Library.

Fair Debs, we knew her so well .... sniff sniff.

Ensign Debbydo .... R.I.P.

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