Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Quiet Dog

After an eventful day you just want to chillout at Risa's bar in Aeon, chat, reflect and play musical chairs, but being the GFC that would be normal and one thing you know about the GFC is, it doesn't do normal. So as my AV endlessly wiped the wood of the bar a dog just appeared out of know where and sat on the stool in front of me.

He didn't introduce himself, he didn't order a drink, just sat there, stared, licked its paw an few times and stared again. What should I do I thought, I could ask  if it wanted a drink but what do dogs drink? I could ask if it wanted a nice pint of "woof" but it may take offense, offering it a bowl of water could for all I know send it into an all CAPS RAGE.

Robobby looked at it, dog licked its paw, Dave Fearguis eyed it up, dog licked its paw, MJ Mathy gave him a knowing stare, dog licked its paw. It even licked its way through a quizzing squint of an eye from our resident borg 7 of 9.

Robobby tries to side stared the dog, it simply ignored his existence and licked its paw
And without a bye or leave it vanished off the chair. We sat, looked at each other on thought, as crazy as that was, we've experinced sillier and i continued shining the wood off the bar and the rest of them wondered if one more drink would render their AV's paralytic.


  1. It really should be bar trained!

  2. Just as long as it was only its paw it was licking we were fine :p