Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Personal Message from Jimmy Vehrous.

To you all at GalaxyFleetCommand,

My time has finally come to an end. The past couple of weeks have not been my best and I hope that you will remember the one who was not involved in so much political drama. The details which may or may not be made public. It showed me things that no other experience could have taught me.

snapper Desade
The first person I spoke to when I returned to Secondlife and has been a lighting rod ever since. I owe most of my personal success to you.

The kindest soul SecondLife had to offer, and I hope that we will remain in contact.

Richardjrn Weatherwax
Most crazy, but the best scripter I've met and I hope him every sucess in his future ventures.

Gokyu Ugajin
Brilliant Guy, very down to earth, a good friend.

Phedre Aionfall
 Gave me access to OPFOR - my very own project - I am sorry I could never finish that for you.

Robobby McMillan
A Star and a great guy! Keep up your awesome work!

Dave Fearguis and MJ Mathy
Two new friend, brilliant people, Please, lets keep in contact.

I hope that we can all stay in contact and remain as close as we already are even through all the problems of the past few weeks. To those I have not mentioned, I hope that we will remain friends and maybe get to know each other better in the future.

I know the GalaxyFleetCommand with prosper without me and I hope you all the best.

Jimmy Vehrous

Signing off for the last time
GFC News.


    *explodes violently*

  2. Thanks for all your brilliant work on the blog, in Opfor and Research you set a standard very few in this group come even close to setting and a talent which is way beyond the norm here.

    Its been a pleasure working with you and wish you good luck in all your future en devours.

    Your great blogs will live on here in the archives and i'm sure all our regular readers will raise a glass and say thank you for entertaining us over these past 3 months.

    Right who's gonna get that "Priority One Message from DS19" off the tops spot lol.

  3. Jimmy, it's been a pleasure, keep in touch and whoever gains your skills will benefit greatly.

    Live long and prosper

  4. I am not please to see your message Jimmy! I want you to be happy so I respect it. Due to internet access issues I have only had contact with you in passing, but I know a great officer when I see one and that is you. Please review GFC regulations regarding your continued rank and status in the event you change your mind! (has fingers crossed!).
    Link to GFC Forums recent regulation post...http://galaxyfleetcommand.com/forums/index.php?topic=566.msg939#msg939

  5. Sorry to see you go jimmy, we never really got a chance to talk. I hope your endeavors in secondlife are the best.

  6. Jimmy, I am so sorry to see that you decided to leave. I know your reasons why, and I respect your decision, but I so hope that one day you will re-think it. Your a wonderful guy and you fit in so well with so many of us here in GFC. Know that you will be missed, but I sure hope to see you back where you belong sometime in the future. Good Luck my friend

    Oh and this doesn't mean that I still can't shoot you down in our micro fighters over the blake sea *smiles*


  7. Oh cmon!
    Well, you should join our Klingon RP group! So we can continue to set away team missions! I'll give you a copy of my Bird of Prey!

  8. This bites Jimmy you will always have a home here in the AAC. stay in tuch and remember we have our events on Wendesday