Saturday, 2 July 2011

Medical Stock Room

Modelling rank pin, customisable combadge and uniform

Just thought I'd give you  a quick reminder of some of the free goodies available at the medical center in Aeon.

Upon entering  the medical centre and taking the door on the right reveals a room with a treasure trove of high quality goodies for members which are absolutely free. I kid you not, we aren't talking shabby stuff here either, they are all well made commercial quality products which even a tight Ferengi would part hard earned Latinum for.

Rank pin & Combadge Vendor
To sample the delights of these goodies you will have to put on your galaxyfleetcommand group tag then by simply click the picture the item will be sent to you. Check your recent inventory for its location if your having difficulty finding them.

On visiting the free vendor area you'll find:

1) A variety of star trek style uniforms based on different periods in the star trek time line.
Alien Skins Vendors

2) Dress uniforms for ceremonial and important events.

3) Advanced and easy to use Rank pin and Combadge, fully customisable.

4) TP Hud, teleport system which holds around 50 major locations in the GFC for easy travelling.

5) Alien skins, there's a variety of alien skins available from vulcans to the orions and borg.

So come to the new medical centre and take a quick look and make sure you pick up all the latest free equipment the fleet has to offer.
Rezzed Item.

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