Saturday, 2 July 2011

Strange things... a normal day in GFC

It was terrible. Just terrible. One moment Snapper, Debbydo, Rokks and myself were sitting in the sandbox, discussing the latest events, and the next we suddenly find ourselves in the middle of a nebula. There did seem to be some sort of shield protecting us though, but it definitely wasn't what I'd call relaxing.

Surrounded by a nebula!

Snapper, Debbydo and Rokks didn't seem to worry much. They were all still talking and seemed oblivious to the obvious danger that threatened us all! I on the other hand, was prepared for when the shield would eventually fail!

I was prepared!

Strangely enough though, that time didn't come. I resisted relaxing though, since I knew that the moment I did that, the shield would collapse and we might all die. So I stood my ground! However, at that very same moment something miraculous happened: a miniature Gryphon emerged from the depths of the nebula and SHOT me! I passed out. The last thing I remembered was the weird swirling of the nebula surrounding me...

A miniature Gryphon... who comes up with these things?

The next thing I remember, I was waking up on some uninhabited island...

Waking up... what happened?

Some strange things are going on around here... But then again, that's just a normal day at GFC. Perhaps I got kidnapped, aliens played with my mind to get information. Or... well, I might have just drank too much tea while on shore leave. Hummm, that's possible too...


  1. What every you've been smoking rob, i'll have some please lol

  2. lol epicness, i literaly went meeeeeee when i read "A miniature Gryphon... who comes up with these things?" lol