Sunday, 3 July 2011

Outfit Competition winner - The votes are in

                               Winning Outfit "A" 

Well the votes have been counted and I'm glad.....No....Relieved to report that the discerning readers of this blog have prevailed over those voters who wouldn't know fashion if a pair of flares smacked them square in the face.

But it was touch and go for a while, two outfits were being voted on as what I'd be wearing on my regular visits as an undercover operative in Al Raqis. For some reason outfit B was leading the race, I couldn't believe our readers where going to inflict that outfit not just on me but the rest of the SL world in general.

Many hours of nail biting ensued,  quite a lot of kneeling and praying followed and then like a miracle out of some biblical text the results started to swing in favour of A. Outfit B was on the ropes, taking a pummeling from A's superior textures and flowing flexi prims. Outfit A made my Avatar look more distinctive, like he has money in his pocket and could buy a round or two in the bar.  
After a week of trading punches, the results are in, "A" won with a convincing 61.5% over "B" pitiful 38.5%, the decision is final and i'm extremely relieved of being saved from wearing the outfit from hell. I raise a glass to those who voted "A" and dowse them with its contents for those who voted "B".

If you see me pottering around the GFC in outfit A, give me a wave and wish me good luck in the harsh world of undercover away missions for the fleet.


  1. Damn! I wanted Outfit B to win... I think.

  2. i only chose outfit a cause the coat goes to the floor lol