Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Independence Day, Grand Constellation Re-Opening Party!!!!!!!!!

Computer, begin log, 4th July 2011.

Today was Independence Day, a holiday celebrated by those who live in America. Due to the scheduled re-opening on Constellation sometime in July, the FADM thought it would be nice to make these two celebrations coincide. I was late back from DS19 so I had to leg it to constellation so that I wouldn't be late, of course once I arrived I made sure everyone knew of my blight.

 We all gathered in constellation, behind the red tabe to wait for the Admiral to do his speech. He of course was late like any Admiral would be.

Sereana thought she would take the time to get in mood and show off her musical talent, if there was any! *winks* But anyway, we were still waiting, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Commodore Matova stood and conducted an impromptu speech and cut the ribbon, so that we would not need to stand there all night!


It was, of course a free-for-all, who could get to the dance floor first? I had my bet of Gokyu, but he fell behind and lost the race to our very own Phedre Aionfall!!!

The Party began. We had an amazing band "ZZ TOP" so we all decided to slap Gokyu's head so that we could all dance in synch, it worked wonders. We were dancing all night, we watched the sun set, then the sun come up again, and some say they saw it set AGAIN!

YAY! The admiral arrived during the festivities and joined in the fun. The SIM reached a whopping 50 persons at one stage with people coming and going I personally reckon we had around 100 attendees.
Lets say a thank you to the Admirals who run and pay for this SIM, without them none of this would be possible. And also a thank you to TimoL McMillian who headed the re-build of constellation.

Below are some of the many GFC personal who joined in the fun!


Thank you very much for reading,
Jimmy Vehrous

For more pictures of this event: CLICK HERE


  1. It was a fabulous celebration!! Great work, TimoL, on the build and to SE Lead, Nimue, who planned the event. I had a wonderful time!! Umm nice shot of my skirt Jim...*winks*

  2. Lol ^^ sorry, difficult to grab a picture when your prancing around :)

    Was an awesome event ^^

  3. It was great to see loads of people there.