Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Up in the sky...

So, I was exploring the new Constellation sim. It's a nice place, with lots of room for shops and so on. Of course, the big tower peaked my curiosity. I quickly beamed in, only to see it was just a conference room. Bummer.

As I looked outside though, looking at the other marketplace in GFC - Infinity Station - I noticed something strange...

Something strange...

Infinity Station, as you all know, is circular. It's also known as the 'big donut', because of the hole in the middle. But then, what was that object stuck in the middle of infinity station? I decided to beam to Infinity Station itself to find out!


When I arrived, I didn't have much time to look around, since I immediately got beamed away again, onto... the MRU! That's right, Research's Mobile Research Unit. That was what was in the middle of the big donu... uh, Infinity Station! I stumbled upon a brainstorming meeting, where they discussed purring fish, gridwide systems and time differences.


And if that wasn't enough... I also applied for Research. Not that I understand all that technical stuff... but I've got nice ideas, and I just *had* to get me one of those labcoats! So watch out GFC, Captain RoBobby McMillan is now part of Research. That's right, it's time to unleash my crazy ideas on all of you! Muahahaha!

Labcoat... watch out!


  1. lol, now you got the labcoat, oh I knew i forgot something, the straight jacket can be found in the locker next to the window :)

  2. Wheey! Brilliant :P

    Welcome to the team,

    Good to read a brilliant post from you again *winks*

  3. *spins around on his Research chair* weeeeeeeeeee, researchers? insane? nahhh

    epic post :D

  4. oh no not another mad scientist and this one reads book. what ever next .....