Tuesday, 26 July 2011

GFC RolePlay

GFC Strategic Operations - RolePlay

Greetings to you all!

As you probably already know, GFC strategic Operations host an array of RolePlay's and today I am going to explain them here.

I wanted to write this report because I want to try and expand the knowledge of events here in GFC and advertise what an amazing experience RolePlay can be if you open your mind.

The information below is of a few (not all) the RolePlay's that happen here at GFC. Please have a look at the calendars located on the drop down menu on the left of your screen for one that matched your time zone.

(Please note the information here is up-to-date at the time of writing this post)

U.S.S Ajax

CO: Cobramax Mechanique

Time: Tuesday 6:30PM SLT (Wednesday 2:30AM GMT)

Please meet the crew of the Ajax in Aeon Sandbox if you'd like to participate.

The longest running StarTrek RolePlay available in Secondlife. Pop by if you'd like to take a trip with the Admiral himself! Always a blast and the storyline is epic. A definite date to remember!

U.S.S Magellan

CO: Kal Aie
XO: Dustin Thunderstorm

Time: Monday 5PM SLT (1AM Tuesday GMT)

Please give Kal or Dustin an IM when the time comes to get an TP to their location off world.

This Roleplay is headed by our resident Klingon Kal. Though the story line is often rather extreme, it is so fun to be a part of and I would urge you all to give it a shot if you find the time.

U.S.S Gibraltar

CO: Robobby McMillan

Time: Impromptu (Keep and ear out for it)

The Gibraltar - from what I've heard - was always an exciting adventure. Away missions left right and centre so always packed with interesting things to do. If you are lucky enough to be in world when the Gibraltar decides to make an appearance, make sure you get a front seat!

U.S.S Cymru

CO: Kieran Braveheart
XO: Malic Skytower

Time: Tuesday 1PM SLT (Tuesday 9PM GMT)

Meet the crew in Aeon Sandbox around this time to take part.

One of the only GMT based RolePlay in GFC at the moment, a new born RolePlay also. I have not had the chance to attend this RolePlay yet however I have heard that the story is explosive.

Quarks RolePlay

CO: Phedre Aionfall
XO: Jimmy Vehrous

Time: Friday 10PM SLT (Friday 6PM GMT)

Meet in Quarks Bar on DS19 in character to enjoy this RolePlay

A new type of RolePlay seen here at GFC. This is European friendly - meaning that it is at a time where Europeans are awake - based on character RP. It is a brand new RolePlay kicking off so I hope to see all you guys there!!!


Well, there if 5 RolePlays for you that should get you excited, and if it doesn't, then your mad!


I hope that this Post has been both interesting and informative for you and that we will see pleanty more people taking part in these RolePlay's.

Remember that it's the taking part that counts.

Thanks you for reading this rather long post.


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  1. We have some fun rp's, so when you hear a message join in or check out our sidebar calendar to see when things are happening in your time.