Monday, 25 July 2011

Summer Ball ad's go up

With only a week to go until the Summer GFC Ball 2011 the new Ad boards has gone up around the sims including one holding pride of place in Aeon's sandbox. As many of you may know, the theme for this years summer ball is "The Search For Spock". I wouldn't spoil the fun with more details, but suffice to say there's some interesting and surprising events lined up so its one not to miss this year.

I'm sure I can see my name on that
No expense has been spared with the new ad board which stands out more as its not an ad on a screen but a small platform which contains an eternal flame, what seems to be a backpack at the bottom of an alter and three screens, one depicting spock from the movie of the same name, another which is a more traditional style poster and in the center what looks like one of those word search games with star trek related words hi-lighted on it. Its a very effective design and props goes to all that were involved in its creation.

When you click on the unit your given a notecard with the following invite.



invites you and your guest to attend the 201 GFC Summer Ball.

This years theme will be "The Search for Mister Spock".

Saturday, July 30th 2011 2:00pm.

To be held in the multi-purpose room Galaxy Sim.

$L 0

GFC members expected to be in Dress uniform during the
Awards and Decoration Ceremony

What you can expect:
Entertainment, Airshow, Live DJ, Fireworks and After Show Party.

Kind regards,

Katrina Bixby


If your free at around 2pm SLT  then come join the rest of us and celebrate a night of promotions, awards, movies clips and a few surprises. See your HERE

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