Friday, 17 June 2011

When Holodecks were just hollow

Picture from outside the classic Holodeck.

While myself, Ensign Gokyu Ugajin and Crewman 2nd Class Jimmy Vehrous where on a scouting mission for hidden places in the GFC, we stumbled upon one such place in our Constellation sim which held a piece of second life history. It was an ancient Holodeck, the kind which use to populate sims before the types of holotech that are commonly used today in SL and places like our USS Ajax rp set.

For instance, if you take a quick trip to the ajax set you'll notice once entering the turbo lift that one of the locations listed is a holodeck. Like its star trek counter part, its a place where you can selected a program and a whole environment gets loaded up.

Almost looks like they are really there.
You can literally turn it into any kind of second life scene you want, with the only limitation being the size of the scene and your imagination. In the GFC, holodecks are used for temporary locations that can be rezzed in world when needed, this saves on the space of keeping sets in world which would ordinarily take up necessary resources.

The GFC holodecks run a variety of bridge designs and there's even an rp model of the Klingon Bird of pray. But holodecks weren't always that complexed, in the early days of holodeck technology in Second Life all you were given was a box to stand in which would place a picture of a real life photo on the walls around you, and that was pretty much it. Not really something you could play in, or interactive with in any meaningful way, just issue the command to load up the next picture and stand in a location surrounded by that photo.

The early holodecks were simplistic, though if you placed your camera correctly you could at least gets some interesting photos.

I hope with the rebuild of constellations we find a place in the GFC for this piece of history, if only so we can remember how truly tacky and unsophisticated it was, though I have to say I do have a small soft spot for it and its fun for at least 2.3 second.... ok, that's cruel, 5 seconds tops.

Ajax HoloDeck

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