Monday, 20 June 2011

Strat Ops new OPFOR away missions

Strategic Operation Opfor team this week went on one of their away missions to meet up with the Orions in Al Raqis. The regions in turmoil and the populous is distrusting of any unfamiliar faces in who arrive. I can assure you wearing starfleet uniforms and asking questions was the quickest way to get the natives to clam up.

It is clear there is something amiss under the surface, but the residents aren't going to make it easy for the federation due to distrust of previous groups who have been here.

There is a lot of diplomacy needed over the next few weeks, all members are welcome to help attain precious knowledge of this remote area of space.

Contact Strategic Operation members for tips on how to prepare for your own away mission or listen out of GFC chat for away missions in progress.
Away team meet with locals in the sand
More pictures CLICK HERE

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