Tuesday, 21 June 2011

GFC Multi Calendar

Some of you may have noticed if you've looked at the side bar on this site that we've added a few additional options. One of those which we are testing out is the use of an online calendar for GFC events. At time of writing we have added a google calendar which links to versions of that calendar for a variety of times zones.

Unfortunately google doesn't automatically change the calendar based on your location so we've had to add individual calendars for certain popular areas. We are looking at a more efficient way but this seems to work well for now.
GFC Calendar on smart phone

The Calendar is Strategic Operations based in nature and covers RP events, GM and SOM meetings.

Multiple calendars from other divisions could be added in time if they'd want to mix them or join in with the tests..

Another useful ability is to add a specific calendar to your own google calendar by just clicking the google button at the bottom right of the calendar. With that you could even add a GFC calendar to your own mobile phone calendar app giving access and a reminder of whats happening in the GFC at any time of day and from anywhere.

We will be experimenting more with the calendar in time to come so we'll keep you posted.

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