Monday, 20 June 2011

Classic medical blog of old

Medical Blog Page
With the rebuild of Constellation and the moving of the medical centre to Aeon, being the intrepid reporters we are, I was handed the luxurious job of rumminging through the GFC skip for to see if I can find anything Timol had throwing away.

I found a few dis-guarded body parts from Da5id Weatherwax's borg implants which were still active who couldn't resist telling me their intentions of assimilating me, anyone around me and the entire universe once they find a way of getting out of this skip, which had so far eluded them.

I have to admit, its hard taking seriously threats from a borg elbow but threw it to one side under protest and search for something less threatening to report on.

Delving deeper in the skip I came a cross a document from 2008-9, it was medicals own blog reports spanning 35 doctors entries. I even found a report featuring my first medical meeting which was lot more fun than the report suggested, I expect Lt Jr Michiko Akina glazed over the introduction of two mad scientist bickering and throwing joke insults at each other.

Its a fascinating read, another example of the long history of the GFC and a fitting reminder of what happened in Constellation's medical centre before its gone forever.

Click for classic medical blog HERE


  1. I remember when I first textured the building in constellation after it was place. took me a few hours because of the work I was doing with it. but alas they changed it to the scheme you see now

  2. Would be interesting to see someone of the originals stuff, if you want to write some historical stuff we'll all be glad to hear what drew's friend Moe use to get up to.

    Well the stuff that wouldn't get him and us court marshaled lol