Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Jimmy Vehrous - Shuttle 101

Apology to you all.
I can't seem to get any of the colours to work this morning.
I can't seem to get any of the pictures to be in any other position other than centralised.
Sorry Guys.

Greeting all,I completed the Shuttle 101 course yesterday which was an adventure and alot of fun. I thought that I'd post you a report seeing as snapper Desade was kind enough to take loads of pictures.

I applied to join the Academy Air Corps a few days ago however I was told that I would need to be a certified shuttle pilot before I could do so. Anyway luckily for me Kaori Juliesse (K) was around and free to offer it to me as an impromptu class.

We made out way up to the USS Paris, because apparently, this is a good area to try flying manoeuvres *shudders*. I had a little chat with K, she explained to me all the different types of flight, from Hover to Advanced Flight Mode (Physical Flight). I couldn't wait to jump in and get going!

I jumped into the training shuttle that Gokyu Ugajin (G) had kindly provided for me. It was time to test my metal against the harsh aspects of space. Of course I would be safe as I'm only flying around the Paris, however it was a big step for me.

Apparently it is procedure for another vessel to follow close behind the training shuttle. Probably so that I don't kill Lieutenant K during my lesson; accident of course. We did a few more loops around the Paris before heading back into the hanger bay. I hadn't noticed before but a few people had come to offer me support.

Anyway you'll all be glad to know that I passed Shuttle 101 and now can "legally" fly around the GFC Sims. I hope to see you guys flying around Sim with me.

Jimmy Vehrous.

For More Pictures: CLICK HERE


  1. The picture positions are fine for a blog and look great. To have more control how a page looks means learning how to write native HTML code if your up for the challenge.

  2. HTML makes my blood boil. You have to give me a crash course - will have to look on the internet for some info as well. Will be a challenge ^^ will be fun!