Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I'm Ready!

Greetings all!
G-man here or for those more formally inclined Ensign Gokyu Ugajin.
Tonight I have what I hope to be a fantastic event planned for our weekly AAC Mission. Not only am I the Squadron Leader of Red Squadron, but I also have the honor of leading the AAC's APTT Squadron. APTT stands for Assault Parachute Tactical Team. It's a branch of the AAC that handles the tactical side of the Air Corps. We train to jump into hostile situations and take whatever actions the mission requires. Basically we are the tactical team of the AAC.
So in preparation for tonight's event, I thought I needed a bit more protection than our standard flight suits give, especially as I believe there are going to be "Klingons" present. What do you think? Does this Raccoon stand a chance? *grins*

Anyway as you can tell, i'm really excited about tonight's event and hope everyone can attend. No training required! Just show up ready for some fun! See you all tonight at 6pm slt

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