Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Delights of Secondlife.

Greetings all.
I have bad news. Our resident raccoon Gokyu has had a severe accident. He was sucked through a Nebula that was about 5mm in width. His injuries span his whole body, currently in GFC Medical; they are doing all they can.
I hope that you will give him your regards.
Jimmy Vehrous

Poor, Poor Gokyu!

Good news everyone,
Gokyu has been seen up and about in his old form. Seems the GFC Medics were able to fix him up. If you ask me - it's not anything short of a miracle.
I hope to see you in World.

G is back to his old self.


  1. Lol, got this message on my phone in email and though it was an RL issue before i clicked on image, hehehe.

  2. Found that one hiding under the pictures from yesterday ^^ and I love the one of him "drunk" lol . . . I enjoyed this one :)

  3. OMG! Gee thanks guys *grins*