Friday, 3 June 2011

The Gryphon - Retrofit

Greetings to you all,
I am Jimmy Vehrous (Jimmy1993 Resident) and it isa pleasure to be given the opportunity to be able to offer you this report on the GFC fighter shuttle "Gryphon". I hope that you enjoy this account, and that you are happy with any more work that I may post in future. I hope to see you around in-world.
Thanks for your time.

The GFC Gryphon Fighter Shuttle Report:
Written by: Jimmy Vehrous

The Gryphon

I find myself the proud owner of the Gryphon fighter shuttle, I also consider myself very lucky to have it in my possession. It's arrival has been very highly anticipated but it's debut appearance is just around the corner. I am very pleased to be able to give you my report on this unique build.

There was another ship release recently and I was shocked to hear that another was in preparation. I was eager to find out what this ship was made of. I had a fly around the SIM in one a few days ago, but unfortunately I was using a borrowed ship and could not test the fullextent of it's technology. However this is now not the case and I'm here to tell you exactly what this ship can do.

Firstly however I would like to mention the brains behind this creation. Lieutenant Junior Grade Richardjrn Weatherwax. Even though the shell (original design) of the Gryphon had already been created, the additions that Richard has made has brought this ship to life. I want to say a Well done and a a massive Thank you!

Richardjrn Weatherwax

The gryphon is a very sleek ship even though it is quite large in size. If your going to be making intricate maneuvers during flight the Gryphon may not be the shuttle for you and I would suggest you went for a smaller shuttle such as the new Delta Flyer. As you can see in the picture above it is the usual Starfleet colors which some of the other GFC shuttles lack, I like that fact that canon and non-canon have been mixed in this way.

The Gryphon has the usual hover mode, which is good for short journeys when you don't want to make too much of an effort. One of the feature I love about the hover mode is that it is more realistic unlike some of the other hover modes seen in small ships. I have seen this hover mode before and I am glad that it has been included in one of GFCs shuttles.

Secondly it has the mouselook mode, more for those who have experience in flying ships, purely because it is a more advanced form of piloting. The mouselook mode is common in most GFC ships so it's not surprising that it has been included in this model.

The gryphon has a third mode for piloting the shuttle: 360ml flight system. This is an advanced form of piloting because of the great freedom that it offers. this mode is only on one other ship in GFC the "Delta Flyer" so it's good to know that more than one ship can be used; if you want to fly this mode. I have however found this mode to be a bit shaky, but don't let me put you off, once you get used to this mode you will enjoy it; promise!

One of the neat new features is that the shuttle is now a two seater. For those who don't particularly like piloting can now enjoy the experience as well. Here also I will mention the [necells] which glow depending on speed. I think this is a really cool feature because it once again brings the canon back into this creation.

There are three special features worthy of note here. The shielding technology which will active on collision. This is a cool feature if your looking to RP with your shuttle and once again a reference to canon. Secondly the cloak feature. I'm personally not a massive fan because you have to take off all your attachments otherwise you look a little silly. But it's all down to personal preference. Lastly there is the phasing device which allows the pilot to literally go through thing. This is cool for - Well I'm not really sure what it can be used for - but it's very cool.

Gryphon with shields activated

Lastly I would like to remind everyone about the Gryphon launch party tomorrow [4th June 2011] at 12pm noon SLT [8pm GMT]. It's sure to be a great event and leads straight on to the GFC General meeting at 3PM SLT [ 11pm GMT]. If you attend you get the special mini gryphon which you can fly! Epic!

The Mini Gryphon

I would like to say Thank You to Richardjrn Weatherwax for allowing the me the use of your Gryphon it is a very capable shuttle. I would also like to thank Debbydo and Snapper Desade for allowing me to write this report for GFC News.

For More Photos: CLICK HERE

As for me, I'm signing off. Thank you for your time.
Jimmy Vehrous.


  1. Pure epicness, thanks Jim :P

  2. Glad to see every one liked it!