Friday, 3 June 2011

Breaking News: Mini Gryphon's to be given away at launch party

With the the official launch of the Gryphon earmarked for tomorrow at 12 noon PDT time which would be a around 8-9 pm Europe time. The Aeon sandbox was a washed with the new aircraft. There were miniature models flying around and ones of every colour as last minute touches were being added to the final product to make an already cool ship that much cooler.

We have been told that not only will we see a fantastic air show, With Lt.jr Richardjr Weatherwax spinning the decks as DJ for the event, but mini remote control Gryphon's will be given away for free to all that attend the show. Anyone who's played with a mini Gryphon will testify that without doubt its one of the coolest toys you'll find anywhere in SL. I know i'm going to be pushing in line for my version.

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