Sunday, 5 June 2011

Gryphon Launch Party

Today saw the one of the crazies and fun launch parties in the GFC for a long time. The party was for the launch of the much awaited Gryphon aircraft. Our meeting place was outside the 5 pips club in Aeon where a nice crowd stood in attendance waiting for the start of the airshow.

Richardjrn Weatherwax stood majestically on the ship he scripted, unfortunately I didn't see his partner in crime Radon18 Nitely who built the ship, rumor has it he was last seen trapped under a giant prim somewhere. As pilots Gokyo Ugajin, Thomas Acker and Kaori Juliesse prepared to climb in their versions of the new plane each painted a different colour.

The crowd waited with bated breath as our pilots slid into their new shiny flying machines, colour smoke streaming out of its exhaust to heighten the enjoyment of the show, and what a show it was. Mr Weatherwax tapping his feet Harmonically when our intrepid pilots took off and wowed the crowed with spins, turns and dramatic barrel rolls, not just showing the ships incredible maneuverability but the skill of our pilots in the AAC.

You couldn't help watch in awe as the ribbons of smoke filled the air above us and our pilots landed back on earth with great appreciation from the watching crowd.

The second part of the event was to hit the dance floor and party to the sound of music vibrating the walls with a mixture of modern and classic tracks. Familiar faces in the GFC let their hair and fur down and chilled for some deserved R&R.

There was a fun competition to vote for the best pilot in the display and though i'm unsure who got the most votes for that, from what i witnessed it would have been hard to seriously separation them.

As promised guests were able top get a free mini remote control Gryphon by just clicking the spin model on the flashy vendor.

As the party drew to a end and the start of the General Meeting drew closer. We tried to see how many people could sit on a mini gryphon. A few days ago we had 5 people sit on one and got flown around, but that wasn't enough, we wanted more, as people piles on it was 6, then 7, we thought 8 was a push but that was achieve until the final total of people sitting on one was a staggering 11.

But to have 11 people wasn't enough, someone mention that it would be fun if could be flown to the General Meeting from there. Not only did we have to travel a distance but cross a sim border, its risky enough to cross a sim with one person in an aircraft, but to have 11 on a tiny little model was actually suicide. We expected at least half the passengers to disintegrate the moment their av's touched the border, but miraculously we all made it across safely. Many of us did double check if limbs were missing, but on inspection everything was intact, bar the madness that possessed us to try it in the first place.

One of the many features of the gryphon is its ability to fly through walls like butter, though the unexpected avatars waiting in the GM hall may have questioned their sanity, their eyesight or the molecular cohesion of the wall in question when they saw 11 people materializes through it.

As the mini Gryphon taxied its way to the middle of the GM hall, Admiral Cobra Mechanique looked up from his desk, shook his head, inquired why half the people in the meeting were sitting on something so small you couldn't actually see it and wondered about all the strange things he had seen in this career as GFC admiral and concluded that it ranked up there with some of the craziest.

Overall the launch party was a great success, it helped spark more interest in the skill of the AAC pilots and the desired to build great crafts from the ASDB.

A special thanks has to go to ASDB Assist Lead Eric Silvercloud for his work on getting this launch party together and help making the ASDB one of the most exciting and fastest growing groups in the GFC. We also would like to thank Richardjrn Weatherwax for making the Gryphon something special, something different and most of all something cool.

Now i'm off to play with my mini Gryphon.....Now where can i find 12 people.

More pictures can be found by Michel Rosenstrauch, Kaori Juliesse, Debbydo and Snapper Desade by following the link CLICK HERE


  1. Great piece Deb. And it was a fantastic time!


  2. Don't forget about radon he built the shell!

  3. Hey :) Nice post.
    Sorry I couldn't come last night - Working.
    But yeah really enjoyed reading this :)
    Must see the pile of avatars on the mini gryphon though!

  4. Glad to see that it was such a hit!
    and sorry i could not make it to the party.
    i was in the middle of moving.