Sunday, 12 June 2011

Graduation - 12th June 2011


This is Recruit Jimmy Vehrous reporting for GFC News.

The Academy building in Galaxy.

Today, as promised was the GFC graduation ceremony took place; were recruits and cadets from all over GFC gather to proceed into the next stages of the GFC journey. Today there were a total of four recruits attending; including me.

Recruits from Left to Right:
Alexis Munro,
Ash Warbaum,
Cristina Pratini,
Jimmy Vehrous.

The ceremony was situated in the academy building that we all knew so well because we had spent so much time there working towards this great day. It was lovely to see that a few other GFC members had turned up to wish us luck for our journey into GFC.

For Support:
Cobramax Mechanique, Eric Silvercloud, Malic Skytower, Snapper Desade and Debbydo.

Things began with Taurik Xaris giving thanks to those who have contributed to the success of GFC. Of course there are many people who have helped make the academy what is is today.
  • The Founders of GFC
  • Academy Commandants
- Solomon Flax (Former)
- Ethan Muldoon (Former)
- RoBobby McMillan (Former)
- Etta Teichmann (Former)
- Dave Fearguis (Current)
  • The Academy Staff
  • And the members of GFC.
The ceremony continued with the graduation of Alexis Munro followed by myself Jimmy Vehrous, Ash Warbaum and finally Cristina Pratini. One by one we would have to get up and make our way to the podium in the middle of the room; graduation time. There are several things that we have received due to our hard work at the academy including a diploma certificate proving that we have completed the Basic Training School and several uniforms that we would need to soon change into once we had been assigned a division.

BTS Diploma Certificate.

We all thought it was over when Admiral Cobramax Mechanique stood up to give a few words to us new recruits.

"This take me back a few years, I ran the Cadet to Ensign class. It was about half and hour lecture and then 12 questions. If you passed with a Grade C or above . . . BAM! You were an Ensign. We have come along way, we have a full fledged academy; great staff. You have made your way through it, which is a journey, starting your new career in GFC. You are now part of legend, galactic history, tales of which ill be told around campfires for ages to come. So, go bravely forth, let your names be forever stamped in this time as you make a difference. I salute you.

Admiral Cobramax Mechanique

After that inspiration speech from the Admiral we were dismissed and the graduation ceremony had ended. We all exchanged words about which division we will be joining. Personally I have joined GFC Research, GFC Strategic Operations and will be joining GFC Academy Air Corps, The other recruits had interests in GFC Security, GFC Communications and GFC Medical.

I hope to see you around the SIMs and I look forward to working with you closely in the divisions that I have chosen and also working with those who are in different divisions. I am glad that I am now officially part of the team.

More pictures CLICK HERE

This is (Now) Crewman Jimmy Vehrous, signing off.
Thanks for your time.


  1. Congratulation Crewman Vehrous on a great report.
    Excellent Keep up the good work.

  2. I remember the half hour and BAM! your an ensign days, that's how i got my first promotion. But from what i remember, you had to hang around the sim for about a week and make yourself known before you could even sign up in those days.

    check the blog link to look at early video of that time: http://debbydogfcnews.blogspot.com/search/label/classic

  3. I remember spending about 2 years as a crewmen 2nd class, but thts cause I was naughty :P you just need the right boss and you will do great things in the 4 sims of GFC