Monday, 13 June 2011

1000 Page Views

There are many things you remember, like where you were when certain events happened in history or something memorable occurs around you. One of the proudest moments is when you hit a milestone, an achievement or a number that represents a feeling of achievement, adulation or relief.

Today we hit that milestone, we hit 1000 pageviews. Funnily enough though, when this blog was started those kinds of numbers weren't really on our minds.

Debbydo simply thought it would be nice to do a blog about her experience as a fledgling in the GFC, so we looked on the internet at how to make a blog. As time went on, we felt one voice wasn't enough, the more writers gave more experiences and more variety in stories. If there is anything I would want to see of this blog or any web based page would be it as a living page, where a diverse group of members telling their stories about what made them laugh, cry, what excited them, what frustrated them and what it feels like to spend time here at the GFC.

Also for the readers to be able to every day or so, dip in and check out stories from here, even when they are away from the sim they can still feel a connection with friends or get to see what they may have missed because of being away or not online at the time.

As the contributors increase so should the diversity. If you asked me what does hitting 1000 pageviews mean to me, I'd say it means that SL and the GFC are more than the sum of our experiences where we can live some of it through other members eyes in pictures and through their thoughts in words.

So, what will be the next milestone? Its easy to point at a number, but i think the true milestone has already happen, its the contributors who want to have a say, a platform to show others the experiences they've had today and for that not to be lost in memory but shared with other.