Friday, 10 June 2011

My first away mission

I had the opportunity today to go on an away mission with captain Snapper Desade, kaori Juliesse and Starr Jetaime. We went on a peaceful mission to explore new worlds in the name of exploration.
It was quite scary for me to go on my first mission but I put on a brave face and knew I was in good company.

Captain Desade and I materialised first and looked around where we were met by a fellow traveler. Whipping out my communicator I offered a teleport for Kaori who was over joyed to be on the mission with us and was soon exploring the plethora ships that were in dock on platforms for rent . Kaori called for Starr to support our team so we could explore more regions.
We took a shuttle to one place and then came back to the ground to explore further a field where we came across some fellow travellers mining for a powerful drug called spice. We were welcome to go on a guided tour with Darren Green who gave us the equipment we needed to go and explore the desert area.

I decided to go and explore new areas above ground and thought I would try out the new gryphon, the scenery was beautiful, especially from that hight. Captain Desade got called away and we were left to explore on our own (editor: Actually Mr Desade crashed the delta flyer in to the sand dunes).
Walking and flying in the desert became thirsty work so I decide it was time to fly home back to the GFC, leaving Kaori and Jett to explore further.

Kaori and Jett did arrived home safely and we swapped stories of our travels on my first away mission.

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