Saturday, 25 June 2011

Farewell, constellation

Today is a sad day. We say goodbye to our beloved Constellation. Or at least, the one that we know of. A completely new one will take its place at July 4th, when there will be an official opening of the new and improved Constellation. For me though, I'll be saying goodbye to a whole lot of memories. And I'd like to share a few of those with you.

First of all... the Galaxy Market. I recall that when I first saw the place, I didn't realise why it was called 'Galaxy' Market, while it was in the Constellation sim. Why not just call it Constellation Market? But then again, that doesn't have a nice ring to it, doesn't it? Anyway, it's unfortunate that business wasn't always booming, since it was a great place. I remember back when we held a Star Trek meets Star Wars weekend in the Constellation sim, and we opened the event at the Galaxy Market. Wait, I believe I have a picture of that. Ah, good times.

Star Trek meets Star Wars weekend opening, at the Galaxy Market in Constellation.

Next to themed events, Constellation was well known for the place where, most of the times, tactical events were being held. Ah, I loved those events. Of course I got shot down most of the time, but that didn't matter: it was fun to do! We would either go underground to the secret GFC testing ground to fire our weapons, or go to a special arena in the Constellation sky... Here, have a look for yourself.

Underground in Constellation. Bleh, I really don't have a fashion sense...

Of course, after the tactical events, it was time to get healed at the medical center... or rather, the McCoy-Troi center. Yes, I spent lots of time there, recovering from being... well, dead. But I also performed counselling duties there. For the record, I was the counsellor, not the patient, thank you very much.

Yes, before you ask, that's a buggy in the counselling office. True, we counsellors were rather crazy at times. Comes with the job.

When we were done shooting each other, healing and talking about our feelings, it was time to party. And Constellation had something for that too: Club 501! We often went there after graduations, which were held in the domed building, also in Constellation. Currently they're all held at the Academy building, but there was something nice about that domed building.

Posing as Academy Commandant in the domed building. Ah, the memories...

All in all, there's a lot of memories stored in Constellation. And I'm probably leaving out most of them... like the rooms for rent, the Phoenix Starbase, the horizon system, the anti-lag experiments, the former houses for rent there... yeah, there's been a lot of changes. It kinda makes me emotional. And since there aren't any counsellors to talk to now... I'll just vent these emotions the only other way I know how.

One last round in the current tactical area in Constellation will do it... died again, but it was a good death!

Thank you Constellation, for everything! May the new Constellation be just as good!

Captain RoBobby McMillan
GFCA Lead Librarian.

UPDATE: Breaking news, the one alien petition to save the 501 club and Dome has seem to have been successful though many have said they were never in danger and it was just a vicious rumour that started when some drunk alien claimed he had insider information from the building crew that a demolition notice had been placed on both locations. He then later scribbled an incoherent petition which never actually got handed to anyone. Suffice to say both 501 club and Dome have been saved from never actually being in danger....Hurrah.


  1. Yye bye connie may your new sister be just as fun

  2. Another great article from the legendary Robobby.

  3. Fantastic post Robobby. Brings back so many memories for me also. Thank you for helping me to remember them!

  4. That place is a bag of memories that is true.

    Nice post there :) enjoyed reading it.