Saturday, 25 June 2011

All too much for Dustin

Dustin Sunflower (aka Dustin Thunderstorm) was give some good news today that he had been promoted to the lofy hights of C1C, this was followed by him swaying wildly and fainting. Fortunate for him he was in the sandbox and the grains of finely cut sand cushioned his fall. The minuscule little creature who live on those grains of sand were not so fortunate.

It would have been interesting to have know what those small creatures last words would have been. "Why is it getting dark so quickly", "Is it me or is that big green planet coming towards us at an alarming rate" or just "What the Fu..<splat>".

Dustin eventually recovered from his good new, dusted off the remains of the sandbox village he just landed on and continued on his merry way.

Congratulations Dustin.