Friday, 13 November 2015

Remembrance Day

A broad field of blood-red poppies around a solemn stone monument....

A lone bugler bugles his respects to those who have served.....

Vintage fighter planes and bombers circle the redressed airfield in Sovereign sim....

Inside one of the restored hangars, men and women (and furries) danced to the swinging Big Band sounds of the Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller orchestras....

Veterans Day,
    Remembrance Day,
        Armistice Day,
                Anzac Day (sort of).......

Whatever your particular country of origin calls it, it's the day we remember with honor the men and women who fought for their countries. Originally meant to commemorate the end of World War I, it eventually came to be the day to honor veterans of all wars.

We had a great time with some new dances we had specially bought for the dance machine, and the conversation was interesting and lively.

Thanks to Debbydo, who organized the entire event. Her dear father, who has recently died, was in the RAF. It was always one of her fondest childhood wishes to someday go dancing at one of the parties they used to throw at the nearby RAF base in the big airplane hangars. She was never able, so we built this scene for her in Second Life to make her dream come true, if only in a small way.

Many many thanks to Stuka Enyo and Snapper DeSade. Stuky organized the air show, and the two of them together supplied all the planes, practiced endlessly, and performed above our heads. Even Snappi's final landing was a success since he was able to walk away from it..........  :-)

Thanks to Wolfie and Beth, who, as always, helped me build the whole thing with their nifty suggestions and mesh parts.

Most of all, thanks to everyone who bothered to come celebrate the day with us in support of GFC. Without you, the events we plan and execute would be nothing.  :-)

Rich Merk
Social Events

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