Sunday, 1 November 2015

Happy Halloween!

Sometime this week, when no one was looking, a dark swamp filled with sucking evil, icky tentacles, spooky ghosts, and smelly sleestak oozed out of the depths of Sovereign Lake. Anyone brave enough to venture inside was instantly attacked by the hungry monsters. So naturally the brilliant team in Social Events set up their annual GFC Halloween Party right smack in the middle of the danger zone!

Twisted trees, tangled tentacles, and glowing grass
Dark statues watch the entrance to the Swamp of Doom!!!
Ghosts and goblins enjoy the music and fun

D.J. Ed played the spooky tunes while the undead danced the new dances that were recently added to the dance machine. The conversation was lively and interesting, and those that stayed for a while had a wonderful time. Thanks for taking the time to support the group, guys.  :-)

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