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GFC Summer Ball 2015

The summers GFC ball time has come round again where we celebrate the achievements of our members with rank promotions and awards for their activities over the last six months in the group.

This years theme was Vulcan "Live long and prosper" and very much a dedicated to Leonard Nimoy who played Spock in the original star trek Series, he sadly passed away this year and it was only fitting the group thought that this ball in some way honoured him.

Pre-Ball area and shuttle pad

Over the last few weeks and months people have been pointed to the location area around the Roddenberry center as the arrival point of the event.

What you would of actually saw when you arrived on the day was a circular area with draped banners which had Summer ball written on it with a red carpet going towards the Roddenberry building entrance. You would walk up a few steps where there was a landing pad for the shuttle which was going to take you to the actual location which this year was going to be held in sovereign.

Pre-Ball Party

Pre-Ball area where guest congregated before setting of to the ball location 

Around an hour before the official start time of the ball members gathered in the circular area build over the plaza to chill out and dance. It gave them a chance to loosen up and chat about the up and coming event.

Shuttle taking guest through the wormhole to Mount Seleya

Shuttle ride

Around 15 minutes before the ball start time the shuttle rides appeared on the landing pad which was a quick walk from the plaza and up a few steps to the shuttle platform. Once someone got in, the little shuttles would count down 10 seconds and leave to fly to the location of the ball. 

The next shuttle would appear to take the next group. These shuttles flew two members at a time, their flight path took them from galaxy into constellation sim where they were piloted low over some of the rental homes, then the shuttle crossed into sovereign sim where it headed up towards the wormhole. Upon entering the wormhole each ship was sent directly to Mount Seleya and would continue to fly down to a landing spot to drop the guests off.

Arrival at Mount Seleya

The Mount Seleya set consisted of mountain regions surrounding the main activity areas. the background depicts a hot barren like planet populated with small sections for use at the ball, there was a dance area with a fountain in the middle, chairs, tables and a bar for those who simply wanted to sit and relax, huge statues where placed around the scene and the actual area where the majority of the ball will be held was right high up on a mountain top accessible via a winding staircase.

Ball RP

Once everybody had arrived safely at Mount Seleya a small RP event was performed, below is the script of the role-play event

RP in action

Promotion & Awards

Members waiting for and delivering their speeches

The end of the role play event took our guest straight up to the promotions and award area. There were blocks of our guest to sit down on, Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby and Vice Fleet Admiral Cobramax Mechanique took their places on the higher stage. For the Promotions and Awards members were called up in groups, they would stand at the bottom of the stage waiting for there names to be called up to deliver their speeches directly in-front of the senior admirals as been par the course for years at this event.


A GFC 10th Anniversary video was played over a giant screen
Many speeches later it was time to congratulate each other, but before going down to the After Party a giant video screen was erected to show a video Fleet Admiral Katrina Bixby had made to celebrate the up and coming 10 year anniversary of this group

After Party

Once the video had been shown it was time for guest to make their way back down the long mountain stairs to the dancing area where those who remained danced and sat around polishing their medals, updating their rank tags and relaxing to some music.

Another GFC ball comes to an end, congratulations all those who where given promotions and awards and may the next 6 months be as fruitful.

More Pictures - HERE

Social Events organisation - Richmerk & Debbydo
New Vulcan& Dress Uniforms - Richmerk
Building Richmerk & Wolferein Foxdale
Posters/Ads/notices - Richmerk, Debbydo, Snapper Desade, JD Matova, Katrina Bixby
RP - Robobby McMillan - T'Lara Ektal (melodyparis), Richmerk, Debbydo, LKG01A Duke
Video - Katrina Bixby
Promotion hosting - Cobramax Mechanique, Katrina Bixby
Land Stream - Snapper Desade


Ai Kikuchiyo-Stine - Capt - Medical, StratOps, Command
Beth Delaunay (isilmeriel) - Commander - Engineering,Command
Blue Agate - Commander - AAC, Medical,Comand
BunE Rabbit - LtCmdr - Medical, StratOps
Falat (falatapus.resident) -  Lt.jg - Academy, Recruitment
Gokyu Ugajin - Rear Admiral - Command      
Kieran Braveheart - Commodore - StratOps
LKG01A Duke - Capt - Academy, Tactical
London (LdnG) - LtCmdr - Tactical
Penelopeperil Resident - Capt - StratOps,Command
Richmerk Resident - Capt - Engineering, Recruitment, Tactical,Command
Sereana Westland - Admiral - AAC,Command
Shannan Oxygen - Lieutenant - StratOps,Command
Silke Horten - Lieutenant - Duty Officers,Command
Songlord Resident - Commodore - StratOps,Command
T'Lara Ektal - Lt Cmdr. - Medical,
Tails8 - Lt. -  AAC
Taurik Xaris - LtCmdr - Academy
Tod Vlodovic - LtCmdr - Medical
Wolferein Foxdale - Commander - Engineering,Command


Ai kikuchiyo - Legion of merit - StratOps
Andromeda Quonset - Legion of Merit - Command, StratOps, Command
batlhtlhutlh - Legion of Merit - StratOps, Command
Beth Delaunay (isilmeriel)  - Galaxy Star - Engineering
Blue Agate - Galaxy Star - StratOps, Command
Blue Agate - Legion of Merit - AAC, StratOps, Command
BunE Rabbit  - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Cobramax Mechanique - Galaxy Star - StratOps, Command
Damian Firecaster - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Debbydo - Galaxy Star - Tactical, Command, SE, Command
Debbydo - Meritorious service - Academy, Command
Doc Songlord - Legion of Merit - StratOps, Command
Gokyu Ugajin - Legion of Merit - Command
Iceman Nirpaw  - Galaxy Star - StratOps, Tactical
Jack6646 (Jack)  - Legion of Merit - Tactical
Jackie Islander - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Jailan Resident  - Galaxy Star - Research
JD Matova - Meritorious Service, DO, Command
Jes Enzo - Galaxy Star - Recruitment
Jes Enzo - Legion of Merit - Academy
Kieran Braveheart - Commendation - Academy
Kieran Braveheart - Galaxy Star - StratOps, Command
LKG01A Duke - Galaxy Star - Tactical
LKG01A Duke - Legion of Merit - Academy
London (LdnG) - Achievement - Tactical
MIchel Rosenstrauch - Commendation - AAC
Michel Rosenstrauch - Legion of Merit  - AAC
Monkeyman Firethorn  - Legion of Merit - StratOps, Command
Monkeyman Firethorn - Commendation - AAC
Mrjr Swords - Commendation - Recruitment
Nathen Rexen - Red Crest - Command, Tactical
Nitro Landar - Commendation SE
Penelope Peril  - Legion of merit - StratOps
Penelope Peril - Red Crest - Medical, Academy
Razor Indigo - Galaxy Star - StratOps
Richardjrn Weatherwax - Galaxy Star - Research, Command
Richmerk Resident - Achievement - Tactial
Richmerk Resident - Galaxy Star - Engineering, Recruitment, Command
Richmerk Resident - Legion of merit - Recruitment, Command
robobby McMillan - Legion of merit - Medical
robobby McMillan - Galaxy Star - Command
rsd58 congrejo - Legion of Merit - Recruitment
rsd58 congrejo - Meritorious - Security, Duty Officer, Command
Sereana Westland - Commendation, AAC
Sereana Westland - Legion of Merit, StratOps
Shannan Oxygen - Galaxy Star - StratOps, Command
Silke Horten - RedCrest - Duty Officers
Snapper Desade - Galaxy Star - Tactical, Command, Command
Songlord Resident - Galaxy Star - StratOps
Sophie Johnson - Commendation - Academy, Security, Command
Sophie Johnson - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Stuka Enyo - Legion of Merit - Tactical
Sunshine Yatsenko - Achievement - Tactical
T'Lara Ektal - Galaxy Star - StratOps
T'Lara Ektal - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Tails8 - Legion of Merit - StratOps
TimoL McMillan - Red Crest - Duty officer, Command
Tod Vlodovic  - Legion of Merit - StratOps
Wolferein Foxdale  - Galaxy Star - Engineering

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