Monday, 20 July 2015

Epic Summer Ball Scene Wows Visitors!

We've had Ball auditoriums, we've had themed scenes in the Roddenberry and in Sovereign sim, we've been to Qo'nos, Andoria, Orion, and elsewhere, but for the Summer 2015 Ball we had it all!

Encompassing an unprecedented three out of four GFC sims, the 2015 Summer Ball took us on a warp speed journey from whatever planet GFC is headquartered on all the way to Mount Seleya on Vulcan!

Summer Ball Welcome Area at GFC HQ

Plains of Gol, Vulcan
Robobby conducted a fun play at the beginning of the Ball, where we were inadvertently drawn into a nefarious plot by Vulcan dissidents to destroy the katric ark of Surak.

Katric Arks On Display
And finally, the actual awards and promotions ceremony had a fine turnout.

Awards Ceremony
I genuinely hope that everyone enjoyed the scene and the event.  We did our very best to make this the most epic Ball experience GFC will ever host. It was our final grand masterpiece and we had fun making it, and everything else we've built in GFC over the years. Thanks to everyone that attended.

I would like to personally thank Debbydo, Wolfie, and Beth for all the help they've given me.  I could never have done half the stuff I tried without the help of my friends. Thanks, guys, for everything.

A few new pictures of the Ball have been added to the GFC Social Events Flickr page. You can find it here: https://www.flickr.com/groups/2802455@N21/pool/

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