Monday, 25 May 2015

Official Summer Ball invites and sim devices placed

Ball Invitation
This week saw the official invites to the GFC summer ball sent out via group notice and clickable from devices place around the GFC sims.

Ball Invitation Giver

The theme for the next ball is "Live Long and Prosper" base on the Vulcan location Mount Seleya, partly in memory of the passing of Leonard nimoy this year and a fitting location for any event. An elaborate set has been build for the event as can be seen in the invite and poster designs which breaks from using ancient note cards traditions to delivering the invitations as more creative textures.

The social events team will be revealing more about the ball and offering some surprises before ceremony on July 18th at 2pm.

As usual the ball will promote our most worthy members to their newest ranks and be awarded medals for their work over the last 6 months in the fleet. There will be side events with speeches, dancing, fireworks and a few other activities for that day.

So put that date in your diary for an evening of fun and festivities.

Pass Ball Information - HERE