Monday, 25 May 2015

GFC celebrates Earth Day 2015

On Wednesday 22nd April 2015 was ear marked as Earth Day. thousands of organisations, groups and individuals in hundreds of countries take this opportunity to push awareness of our planet plights and offer better ways we can look after it and those who live on it.

This year the GFC decided to take part with a week long celebrations from 18th-25th April 2015.

GFC divisions were encouraged to setup booths showing something about themselves or promoting Earth day like matters.

Recruitment, engineering, research,communications, security, medical and tactical all had booths for displays in the north east corner of Galaxy's Sim.

The kick of the celebration Katrina Bixby tooks to the podium to open the event, with same guest speakers
Log below.

GFC Earth Day Opening Log
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After the opening, a dance was held at phoenix stations bar in sovereign, Vice Fleet admiral Cobramax Mechanique took the opportunity to deliver a small speech, but letting people lose on the dance floor to boogie their earth day blues away.

Later a competition was held, for those lovers of the game "Greedy", to see who was going to be the Earth Day champion, which feel to hydregion Resident (Sophie Johnson).

A video screen was erected near the booths to show a documentary called "home" about how we exploit the earth natural resources. You can watch the video from this link HERE

Research division had video playing in there booth which took a difference stance on global warming.

on the last day of the event RoBobby McMillan gave a lecture called "Star Trek as an Inspiration" which looked and the vision of star trek and how that could be used to improve the way we treat the earth.

Log of Lecture below
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That pretty much rapped up the week long events for Earth Day in the GFC, hope people enjoyed the activities and maybe learnt something.