Saturday, 9 August 2014

New look to reading RP logs and info

There has been various ways of recording for prosperity what has happened in GFC rps. Back in the early days many rps logs were copied onto a notecard, thrown in a prim and left in some room for members to access.  Reading logs or summaries from a notecard in a virtual world can be tiresome at best, sometimes it wasn't easy to find the one you were looking for and a pain searching in your inventory for them.

The GFC forum can also be used to post roleplay activities, though the problem with that is only members can access the forum which limit distribution to others who maybe interested in reading what happens in our rps.

Some of those members running roleplays created their own blogs to post summaries which opened up access to a much wider audience as just about anyone who can use the internet can read it.

More recently we've created google drive directories to post logs and summaries in, the advantage there is its public, easy to do and uses resources most of us are already using in the group. Problem was if you wanted to look through a list of role play logs the drive interface wasn't the most pleasing and the way it initially opened a file is very clunky, but its a good way to archive logs and summaries because 1. They are public and 2. you can represent them in a variety of ways like embedding in other sites easily which was always the long turn plan for using it.

Strategic Operations programme to start placing a nicer interface to access these logs has started with the USS Malta RP being the first to be given a makeover. Using google sites, we were able to put together a simple, nice looking and easier to navigate site to view logs and information, its still early days and we are still testing what feels nice and more info is due to be added, but it makes giving information about rps not only quicker but more pleasant to look at with wider options to add other items.

Other GFC rp's will be getting the facelift as well. The cool thing about this is nothing those running their rps requires them to change what they have been doing for the last months and years, all the logs are pulled from the Google site directories and embedded in the page so use the exact same source material. When there are any updates needed to already linked documents the updates appear there regardless of the access the person has to the site itself.

Check out the new USS Malta RP site HERE
Also feel free to visit the groups general RP site HERE

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